About Footsteps

Join us on a path to transformation and healing.

We have found that to think and live from a spiritual perspective is to improve everything

  • your outlook,
  • your health,
  • your relationships,
  • your finances
  • and your understanding of life purpose and the world.

But developing and maintaining a strong supporting spiritual perspective can be challenging. We need to be patient with ourselves as we move through the ups and downs of life. If the journey becomes a challenge, inspiration and words of encouragement from a friend can be helpful.

On this site you will find excerpts from the book  by inspirational author and teacher Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) designed to inspire you as you walk the path of life.

We encourage you to ponder and contemplate both the quotations and the visual images of any pathway. The pathways are designed to help move thought in a positive direction, to encourage, uplift and support.

We believe that regardless of how steep or rocky the journey seems to be, resolution, progress and profound transformation can be found through a change of thought.  Changing your thinking can change everything.

“Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.”

                        -Mary Baker Eddy

If you do not find an inspirational path that applies to your journey feel free to submit a pathway request and we will customize inspirational sliders just for you.

We ourselves have journeyed through divorces, financial crisis, fear, grief, business dilemmas, health issues, the loss of homes and self–esteem. And our hearts go out to anyone struggling with these or other issues.

As Christian Science practitioners we are committed to helping!

We are committed to supporting you on your journey with the spiritually based system of transformation and healing outlined by Mary Baker Eddy in her book .

If you would like more information about the kind of specific prayer-based treatment Christian Science practitioners provide, and our rates please feel free to contact us.


Julia, Bob and Joyce come from traditional Christian backgrounds hence our deep appreciation for Eddy’s metaphysical approach to traditional Christian concepts. But whatever your faith tradition or spiritual path, we think you’ll find a few “gems” of wisdom in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.